We like our products like we like our people, non-toxic!!

Natural, simple beauty is something I have always been very passionate about, I am a less is more gal and I wanted to portray this in my brand. I have specifically chosen to use all-natural ingredients, avoiding the usual 600 word ingredient list with words nobody can even pronounce 😅😂. Working at The Body Shop for 4 years when I was younger really grew my interest in the cosmetics industry and I desperately wanted to start my own company selling natural handmade cosmetics. This is the reason I decided to launch my very own company, @ebonicosmetics selling plant-based and sustainable beauty prodcuts. @ebonicosmetics maintains a passionate dedication to producing handmade, natural and pure mineral cosmetics. Using ethically sourced raw shea butter and coconut oil from Ghana, @ebonicosmetics is a company that prides itself in bridging local communities in Ghana to grow and thrive.

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